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Xilinx FPGA naming conventions

更新時間: 2020-04-18 10:40:36

Xilinx FPGA naming conventions

1. Generally speaking, the top surface of a large FPGA looks like this.

For example, for the FPGA numbered XC4VLX60-10FFG668CS2, the device type is XC4VLX60-10 and the package is FFG668CS2. in particular

XC4VLX represents the FPGA family, here is VIRTEX 4LX

60 represents the number of system gates or logic cells, which is 60,000

-10 represents speed grade

FFG is the packaging method (Pb-free flip-chip BGA)

668 is the number of pins

C represents the temperature grade Temperature grade, here is commercial (Commercial)

S2 is step2


1. Automotive parts use "XA" instead of "XC".

2. QML-certified parts use “XQ” instead of “XC”.

3. Aerospace parts have an "R" after "XQ" instead of "XC".

2. Classification and naming of xilinx documents

The documents of xilinx can be found on its website. The documents of xilinx can be divided into the following categories, according to the abbreviation of letters.

Opening letter
ds data sheet
ug user gride
wp white paper
bg package specifications
xapp application guide

Xilinx is the inventor of the FPGA, CPLDs, programmable SoCs, and now, the ACAP, their highly-flexible programmable silicon, enabled by a suite of advanced software and tools, drives rapid innovation across a wide span of industries and technologies - from consumer to cars to the cloud.

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