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The Molex easy-on ffc-fpc flexible connector award continues Molex's consistent success

更新時間: 2019-12-20 12:05:07

Singapore - April 23, 2019 - Molex, a global provider of electronic solutions, has been selected by China electronic business news for its editorial choice awards 2018.The award for China electronic business information is highly prestigious and recognises products in a number of categories, while Molex won the award for "most competitive interconnection and interface product" category for its easy-on ffc-fpc connector.In fact, this is a continuation of the success of Molex, which has won the award for the seventh time since the inception of the China e-business awards, and for the past four years, including the 2018 awards.


The compact FFC - FPC connector ranges from 0.20 mm to 2.00 mm and is compact, lightweight and offers high signal reliability.For many applications where circuit board space is extremely valuable, the miniaturized device must be highly reliable and guarantee the integrity of the original signal, and the easy-to-on ffc-fpc can perfectly meet these needs, among which the automotive and consumer goods industries are two directly related application cases.

This small size ffc-fpc connector with minimal spacing provides a variety of connections including ZIF, LIF, slider and flip connections.It is also compatible with a variety of circuit elements and FPC board connectors, providing extremely low cost but high bandwidth data rate support.

"We are honored to have this innovative product line recognized by the CEM editorial award," said weng wai-hung, regional sales manager of Molex.The easy-on ffc-fpc connector delivers signal integrity and data transmission efficiency in such a small, lightweight form that meets today's demand for a versatile flexible solution for consumer, automotive, medical, and many other applications.

Easy-on flexible connectors - features and advantages

Molex Easy - On FFC, FPC connector function well, working temperature range for - 40 to 125 ° C, meet the requirements of automotive applications.With a cable holding force of 20 n, this type of connector can withstand severe vibration and shock levels -- a feature that again ensures high reliability in a wide range of industries, including automobiles, industry, consumer products, data centers, and healthcare.The ZIF and LIF actuator options allow repeated operation with minimal wear and tear, where ZIF contacts provide great convenience for insertion of ultra-thin cables.

As the ever-changing market demands smaller and more reliable connections, Molex is constantly developing smaller and denser interconnect systems to meet these needs.

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