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Dual core performance, rich functions, ST released a new micro controller

更新時間: 2019-12-20 14:52:19

Stmicroelectronics launches new microcontroller STM32H7*The new product is the industry's highest-performance Arm® cortex-m general MCU, combining a robust dual-core processor and energy efficient features with enhanced network security.

The new product USES the Arm cortex-m series of 480MHz cortex-m7 kernel with the highest performance, and adds a 240MHz cortex-m4 kernel.Using stmicroelectronics' intelligent architecture, efficient L1 caching, and ART Accelerator™ adaptive real-time acceleration technology, the new MCU scored 1327 DMIPS and 3224 CoreMark™ performance records when executing code from embedded flash memory.Stmicroelectronics's chrom-art accelerator ™ further improves graphics performance.To maximize energy efficiency, each kernel has a separate power domain that can be turned off separately when not needed.

By using the two cores flexibly, developers can easily upgrade existing applications with more advanced and complex graphical user interfaces, taking motor control for example, by migrating old code from the single-core cortex-m4 MCU to STM32H7 cortex-m4 while running the new GUI on cortex-m7.Another example is to improve application performance by reducing the intensive workload of the main processor, such as neural network, checksum, DSP filtering or audio codec.


The dual-core architecture also helps simplify code development and shorten project development cycles, separating the development of user interface code from real-time control or communication functions.

The STM32H7 MCU comes with pre-installed keys and native security services, including secure firmware installation (SFI).SFI allows customers to order standard products anywhere in the world and deliver encrypted firmware to outside programming companies to avoid leaks of unencrypted code.In addition, there is built-in security boot and security firmware update (sb-sfu) support to secure in-flight download (OTA) updates and patches.

Compared to flash-free processors, the STM32H7 MCU not only performs well, but also provides up to 2MB of flash memory and 1MB of SRAM on the chip, better solving the storage space limitation problem, and simplifying the industrial, consumer and medical intelligent product design with real-time performance or AI processing requirements.In addition, the cortex-m7's level 1 cache and parallel and serial memory interfaces provide unlimited fast access to external storage.

Other advanced features include support for error code correction (ECC) technology for all flash and RAM memory, improving system reliability and security;Multiple advanced 16-bit analog-to-digital converters (adcs);External working environment temperature up to 125°C, suitable for harsh working environment;Ethernet controller with communication gateway function and multiple fd-can controllers;And ST's latest waveform accurate high resolution timer.

Stmicroelectronics has added the STM32CubeH7 firmware module and application source code to the STM32Cube ecosystem, including graphics solutions based on the TouchGFX and STemWin graphics stack libraries.New hardware tools include assessment board, discovery kit and Nucleo development board.Developers have access to all standard components of the STM32Cube development environment, including the st-mc-suite motor control toolkit, STM32CubeMX, STM32CubeProgrammer, and STM32 solutions from certified partners.

STM32H7 dual-core microcontroller will be put into production soon. Samples are now available in various packaging options, including WLCSP.STM32H7 single-core microcontroller (including supervalue series) is available at the same time.

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