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SCHURTER introduces the latest FMAB HV series universal single-phase EMI filter

更新時間: 2019-12-20 12:25:02

SCHURTER introduces the latest FMAB HV filter series, extending its successful chassis mounted filter series to single-phase systems.This series is suitable for devices with up to 277 volts ac and 400 volts dc.In North America, three-phase 480/277vac networks have various single-phase applications.400 VDC is often used in the dc power supply of modern data centers.The FMAB HV single identical filter series achieves the perfect combination of compact design and excellent performance.

The new FMAB HV high voltage filter series is certified at 277 volts ac and 400 volts dc, thus providing maximum flexibility for a wide range of devices.In order to improve energy efficiency and/or reliability, the current ac and dc hybrid power supply equipment is increasingly widespread.In these devices, FMAB HV filters can be used on both the ac side and the dc side.


The new filter series has a shiny steel housing and a closed filter base.Therefore, this design can effectively protect the filter no matter how it is installed.This series of filters is particularly suitable for devices with high symmetric interference, such as semiconductor devices, which can be adjusted for high output (e.g., commercial coffee makers, hot water dispensers, and all types of industrial electronics).Due to its compact design, this series of filters is also suitable for medical and household appliances.For medical equipment conforming to IEC/UL 60601-1, variants of low leakage current "80 muon A" (m80) or no leakage current "5 muon A" (m5) are available.

FMAB HV products are designed for 277 VAC / 277 VDC current in accordance with IEC standard and 277 VAC and 400 VDC current in accordance with UL/CSA standard, with current range of 1 a-20 A.This series of products have been certified by ENEC and cURus, suitable for various kinds of equipment in accordance with IEC 60950 standard.

The filter is equipped with a quick connection terminal of 6.3x0.8 mm.They are equipped with metal flanges for easy mounting on the chassis.The operating temperature range of this series of filters is -40°C - 100°C.

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