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Post-it Brand Celebrates 35 Years of Helping Great Ideas Take Shape

更新時間: 2019-12-20 15:32:44

Post-it Brand Celebrates 35 Years of Helping Great Ideas Take Shape

The 1980s welcomed a flood of hit blockbuster movies, an influx of technological advances and one remarkable invention that has ‘stuck’ with us all these years – the Post-it Note from 3M. Since the debut of the iconic Canary Yellow Post-it Note, the assortment of products has evolved from a simple, practical reminder into a suite of reliable and convenient productivity tools. The Post-it Brand has celebrated for 35 years, honoring all of the innovative Post-it Products that continue to help great ideas take shape and inspire achievement.

The Post-it Brand has transformed lives by making communication and organization fast and easy. The original 3x3 square has matured into a vast collection of Post-it Notes in an array of colors and sizes, proving the handwritten note never goes out of style. Today, the world’s favorite reminder sticks longer and stronger, with Post-it Super Sticky Notes available in a range of eye-catching colors from the Post-it Brand World of Color collections. The possibilities for making your mark are endless – from Post-it Flags and Tabs to mark important information to the Post-it Easel Pad.

“For 35 years, we have supported personal productivity and maked great ideas come true, from friendly reminders to large-scale group brainstorms and ideation,” said Jeff Hillins, global business director for 3M Stationery and Office Supplies division. “In doing so, the original Post-it Note and all of our other Post-it Brand product lines have transcended offices, classrooms and homes, becoming a meaningful part of today’s culture. The extensive portfolio and versatile applications for Post-it Products continues to grow with 3M’s forward-thinking team of innovators.”

Not just an organizational mainstay, the Post-it Note has been featured in some ‘sticky’ situations at the crux of pop-culture moments. The infamous “Sex and the City” breakup via Post-it Note had viewers buzzing. The Post-it Note hit the big screen in “Romy and Michelle’s High School Reunion” when the notorious duo claimed to have invented the ingenious Post-it Note. The iconic 3x3 squares have been ‘sticking’ around the sets of hit-comedies “Sisters” and “Spy,” serving as handy tools for today’s leading talent recently.

The Post-it Brand has also been part of note-worthy heartfelt movements. In 2014, teenager Caitlin Prater-Haacke launched an anti-cyber bullying campaign by sharing uplifting messages on Post-it Notes that ultimately inspired Positive Post-it Day. Shortly after, Philadelphia-based Rosa’s Fresh Pizza began inviting customers to pay it forward by writing $1 donations on Post-it Notes that have resulted in over 45,900 slices of pizza being served to those in need. These simple yet powerful gestures have made an impression and inspired others to get involved.

Today, there are more than 1,000 Post-it Products in a multitude of shapes, sizes and colors sold in more than 150 countries. With even bigger and bolder innovations on the horizon, there’s no telling where you may see Post-it Notes ‘sticking’ next.

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