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Vicor expands Picor's isolated Cool-Power ZVS DC-DC converter

更新時間: 2020-11-05 16:26:19

Vicor (NASDAQ: VICR) released its Picor Cool-Power PI31xx series of isolated DC-DC converters on May 14, 2013. This series of zero-voltage-based DC-DC converters, especially for 24V industrial applications and 28V aviation And national defense applications, and are designed for operation in harsh temperature environments.


This new Cool-Power PI31xx converter retains the labelled package size of the original product, only 0.87" x 0.65" x 0.265", surface mount package, power density up to 334 W/in3, 2250V isolation, and a volume of 1 /16-brick isolated DC-DC converters are 50% less. Cool-Power PI31xx converters achieve extremely high system density in integrated circuit packages. Cool-Power PI31xx series converters use advanced zero-voltage switching architecture, and The high-performance planar transformer makes the product density comparable to IC components, and can be used in applications with limited circuit board space and flexible layout.


The product has a variety of programmable functions including output voltage adjustment, programmable soft start, remote switch, enable. The product also has a temperature monitoring function, according to the internal temperature of the module, proportional to the analog output voltage. PI31xx also A variety of functions to protect the module from damage, including input over-voltage, under-voltage lockout, over-temperature and output over-voltage protection, etc. There is also a constant current limit gate valve for short-circuit and overload protection, and automatic restart function in all application failures.

In addition, Picor's QuietPower EMI filter is only 0.98" x 0.49" x 0.18" in size, and its volume is 25% smaller than similar products. It can be connected with PI31xx converters to form input and output isolation, with EMI filtering, and it is incomparable The efficiency of QuietPower® EMI filter is as high as 99.5%, and it can be paired with any manufacturer’s high-frequency switching DC-DC converter. Application examples include QuietPower QPI-12 filters for industrial applications, which can attenuate common mode noise (>40dB) ) And differential mode noise (>70dB); For no-load and defense applications, MQPI-18 is optional, which can attenuate common mode and differential mode noise of >45dB and >75Db.

Whether these two products are used together or independently, Cool-Power PI31xx converters and QuietPower EMI filters have broken through the power density levels of traditional converters and filters," said Robert Gendron, Vice President of Picor Semiconductor Power Solutions , "Using two products together can form a two-chip solution. It is easy to use in industrial, no-load/national defense and wide temperature range applications.


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