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Bluetooth 5.2 chip level nRF52805 SoC

更新時間: 2020-12-17 14:55:46

nRF52805 SoC supports 2 Mbps low-power Bluetooth high-rate mode, enhanced channel selection algorithm #2, and 2.4 GHz proprietary protocol. It has a wide range of applications and can be used in disposable medical products, stylus, sensors, and beacons with limited cost application.

Bluetooth 5.2 chip-level nRF52805 SoC

Bluetooth 5.2 chip level nRF52805 SoC.jpg

nRF52805 is an ultra-low-power Bluetooth low-power SoC device, available in a wafer-level chip-scale package (WLCSP) measuring only 2.48 x 2.46mm. The WLCSP SoC is optimized for double-layer PCB designs, eliminating the need for more expensive four-layer PCBs, thereby significantly reducing costs for compact designs with limited budgets.

This SoC device has a 2 Mbps low-power Bluetooth high-rate mode and enhanced channel selection algorithm #2 (CSA #2) functions to improve coexistence.

Nordic's nRF52805 has a 64MHz 32-bit ArmCortex-M4 processor with excellent energy efficiency (65 CoreMark/mA) and power (144 CoreMark), as well as 192KB flash memory and 24KB RAM.

Its multi-protocol (Bluetooth Low Energy/2.4GHz) radio can provide up to +4dBm power output and -97dBm sensitivity (1 Mbps Bluetooth Low Energy) with a link budget of 101dBm.

The peak power consumption of the radio is only 4.6mA (TX 0dBM and RX 1Mbps). With 24KB RAM and running RTC, the power consumption of the SoC device is as low as 0.3µA when the system is off, and when the system is on As low as 1.1µA. nRF52805 has a series of analog and digital interfaces, such as SPI, UART, and TWI, a two-channel 12-bit ADC, and ten GPIOs.

Nordic provides a 9.5x8.8mm reference layout with all ten available GPIOs, requiring only ten external passive components (including two crystal load capacitors).

nRF52805 Development kit.jpg

Given that the size of nRF52805 WLCSP is only 2.48 x 2.46mm, and it is optimized for double-layer PCBs, a small and low-cost design can be realized. This makes it necessary to make a trade-off between the two in design because small designs usually require higher prices Lots of four-layer PCBs. This makes nRF52805 WLCSP an ideal low-power Bluetooth solution for high-volume compact wireless applications such as a stylus, presenters, sensors, beacons, disposable medical products, and RF connectors.

nRF52805 currently supports S112 SoftDevice and will support S113 SoftDevice soon. S112 and S113 SoftDevice (protocol stack certified by Bluetooth 5.1) are Bluetooth slave mode protocol stacks optimized for storage space, supporting 2 Mbps high-rate mode and CSA #2 function.

The two protocol stacks can be connected to 4 slaves at the same time can also open the broadcast function. Also, the number of connections and the bandwidth of each connection can be configured to optimize memory and performance. S112 and S113 also support LESC pairing, which improves safety compared to traditional pairing. S113 also supports data packet length extension (DLE), which improves throughput and reduces the overhead of each data packet.

nrf52805 module introduction

Fanstel BC805M is a Bluetooth low energy BLE 5.2 module, using Nordic nRF52805 SoC with an integrated antenna.

MS46SF11 is a compact (15.8 x 12.0 x 2.0 mm), highly flexible ultra-low power wireless BLE 5.0 module, based on nRF52805 SoC; its powerful 32-bit ARMCortex®M4 CPU, 192kB flash memory, 24kB RAM and integrated The 2.4 GHz transceiver can provide the perfect solution for Bluetooth connectivity.


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