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100-Ohm backplane connector is scalable up To 25 Gbps data rates

更新時間: 2019-12-20 23:31:03

100-Ohm backplane connector is scalable up To 25 Gbps data rates

Molex Incorporated released the Impact 100-Ohm backplane connector, which combines speed and density in a modular package designed for high speed applications. The scalable Impact connector technology provides data rates up to 25 Gbps with exceptional signal density up to 80 differential pairs per linear inch when using a 6-pair configuration. Designed to meet the requirements of next-generation applications, the Impact backplane connector is suitable for high speed networking equipment and storage servers in the data and telecommunications, medical, military and aerospace industries. The backplane connector conforms to IEEE 10GBASE-KR and OIF Stat Eye Compliant end-to-end channel performance.

Featuring a 1.90-mm x 1.35-mm grid, which reduces PCB routing complexity and cost, the broad-edge coupled, differential-pair Impact backplane system supports high bandwidth needs while minimizing board and system real estate usage. Compliant pin attach options (0.39 mm and 0.46 mm) provide the flexibility to optimize designs for superior mechanical and electrical performance in traditional backplane or midplane architectures. The Impact daughtercard mating interface uses an in-line staggered, bifurcated contact system that reduces the mating force per pin and provides ground-signal sequencing without the need for multiple backplane signal-pin heights.
Molex Incorporated,

Molex is a leading provider of complete interconnect products. With more than 33,000 highly skilled employees, Molex is committed to the design, development and distribution of innovative solutions for products that are relevant to people's lives. Focusing on the connector industry, Molex has more than 100,000 reliable products based on global resources, unique innovations and industry expertise to deliver products and services that meet the growing needs of customers worldwide. demand. Representing the world's largest product range, including electronic, electrical and fiber optic interconnect solutions, switches and application tools.

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