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Schurter, Inc
  • Schurter

  • Full Name : Schurter, Inc メーカー
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  • 国 : Swaziland

Manufacturer Introduction

The Schurter Group was founded in Switzerland in 1933. With more than 75 years in business,  as a leading company in the development, production, and sales of fuses, connectors, circuit breakers, EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) products and thin-film switches for the electronics industry, SCHURTER strives to maintain its high growth rate and high rate of return. SCHURTER customers need products approved for international markets and have come to rely on SCHURTER's innovative products and services. SCHURTER focuses on markets and industries including computers and peripherals, technology and medical devices, telecommunications equipment, control panels, and systems. Recreational, home and garden equipment, among many others.

Schurter continues to be a progressive innovator and manufacturer of electrical and electronic components. Circuit Protection (fuses, fuse holders and circuit breakers for equipment) Connectors, EMC Products, Switches and other products make up the Schurter product Groups. Schurter's product innovation focuses on the safe supply of power and making the interface between humans and machines easier. Schurter's market focus is in the area of IT / Telecom, Medical, Space and Renewable Energy. Schurter, Inc. Santa Rosa, California, is the exclusive North American sales and distribution office for the Schurter Group.

Schurter is product portfolio consists of Switches, fuses, circuit breakers, connectors, EMC filters.


Consumer Electronics / Medical Electronics / Communication / Network