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Pulse electronics (YAGEO)
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Manufacturer Introduction

Pulse designs and manufactures end-user and passive magnetic electronic components, discrete board-level components: LAN Telecom (including DSL broadband/Internet Home Networking) and Power inductors transformers common mode chokes filter modules, and integrated connector modules, used in computers, data and home networking, classic telecommunications and Broadband/Internet RF & wirless, military & aerospace consumer electronics applications, having both catalog parts and customization capabilities.

Pulse is the worldwide leader in electronic component design and manufacturing. Pulse has wide array of power and signal products are used in computing, networking and communications, power conversion, defense, aerospace, automotive, and consumer electronics. Pulse is a global supplier of electronic components to OEMs, contract manufacturers and CEMs. With state-of-the-art custom designs and catalog products, Pulse is a complete source for electronic OEMs, contract manufacturers, and ODMs. Pulse is a participating member of IEEE, ATIS, ETSI, HDMI, the DSL Forum, CommNexus, and MoCA. Pulse's engineering design centers and manufacturing facilities (in North America, Europe and Asia) supply products to a broad international customer base. In addition, sales and service operations, as well as authorized distributors and representatives, support customers.

The Power Division offers a broad range of power inductors and transformers used in AC/DC power supplies and DC/DC converters, discrete and embedded; power inductors, high-frequency power transformers; gate drive transformers; current sense magnetics; common mode chokes; low-frequency transformers. Pulse shall strive through planning and continual process improvement, to protect and preserve the environment through prevention of pollution, reduced consumption of natural resource elements and materials, and comply with all relevant legal and other requirements.

Pulse is product portfolio consists of Transformers - audio and signal converters, power transformers, pulse transformers and current transformers.


Consumer Electronics / Communication / Network / Security / Monitoring


  • RF Chip Inductor Catalog

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    Pulse is one of the largest magnetic component design and manufacturing companies in the world. With over 19,000 employees worldwide and an exteive line of stateof-the-art magnetic solutio...